Sheri Miller
Q many to ask! Q/ To who's musical stature(male or female),do you most aspire to, equalling,or surpassing their own talent(s),even though you are a rare,and unique artist in your own right?

Sheri Miller responded on 08/16/2012

Hi there! What a great question!

I'm inspired by Paul McCartney for his wonderful musicality, incredible songwriting, & "let's have fun" perspective, John Lennon for his artistry, wonderful songwriting, & "I don't give an eff what they think" view; yet expressing the "Imagine" peaceful message. Ella Fitzgerald's pure, pitch-perfect voice inspires me, Etta James' bluesy, gritty, growly, gut-wrenching voice lifts me, Neil Young's channeling of song moves me, Ray Charles' bluesy jazzy gospel piano playing & soulful singing is a huge influence, Brian Wilson's orchestral writings in "God Only Knows" captures me, Jon Brion and Fiona Apple's idiosyncratic vision of art and mad musical science conjure me, Beethoven, Bach & Glenn Gould's piano interpretation of brilliant classical pieces educate me, Louis Armstrong and Stevie Wonder's pure joy, in expressing their instruments & visions, lift me to be a better version of myself; a more clear, authentic, honest artist, expressing joy and love.

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