Sheri Miller

See that you are taking your time Sheri, are you lining up another 4 or 5 to Compliment your new Single-release or has that already happened... wam xox...

Sheri Miller responded on 06/03/2012

Hi William,

You're always a step ahead! Yes, I have enough songs I'm excited about to make a new recording right this second...but for now I'm focusing on releasing "I Could Love You Still" this summer and fall!

I'll be posting photos on Facebook of the recording process ( and will have a new music video soon too!

If you love the new single, (which I hope you do!) please write a positive review on iTunes, Amazon and/or CD Baby!

"I Could Love You Still" on:
CD Baby:

It's a wonderful way to support the song! I'd appreciate it so much!

Thanks, talk soon and sending love!

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