Sheri Miller

Your home Town? and when did you start playing, and were you self-taught...

Sheri Miller responded on 10/06/2011

Hometown is Roslyn, New York. I started playing piano at about age 6, 7, 8. But I was drawn to composing songs, not the rigidity of classical practice. Goshdarnit, I wanted to create!!! Guitar I started maybe around 17. Locked myself in my bedroom for a few years. I've had some wonderful teachers over the years. Self-taught on some level. I never went to music school or a conservatory...All you need to do is listen, relax your ears, open your heart, turn it up loud, and move your lips and fingers. I hope to always be an eternal student of music, growing my whole life as a musician and artist.

Thanks for asking!! Great question!

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