Sheri Miller

Which do you find most rewarding. Writting or preforming? If it's writting , which do you find tougher,lyrics or music?

Sheri Miller responded on 08/15/2011

Hi Joel,
To be totally honest, I love them both for different reasons. Writing feels so natural, and feels magical to me. I feel like a large mercury lead pipe sometimes, like a channel into the collective unconscious. Sometimes songs come so fast, it's almost like they've been written forever in the stars, and we're just the scribes. It's rare, but rewarding when it happens.

Performing has a thrill all its own. You must live in the moment, be in the now. You can alter or change the course of performance in one second. Time bends and stretches. There is no time, during performance. I love that. It feels Einstein-ian and poetic all at once. You connect to people in the audience and also onstage in your band, and feel their energy exchanging with yours. It's a beautiful exchange of love and passion, through a language universal.

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