Sheri Miller

Good Morning Sheri; if and when you perform again in nyc ny, please give me a shoutout;also are your music on cds; if so I would like to buy everything you have;Sincerly,Darryl

Sheri Miller responded on 09/24/2017

Hi Darryl,
thanks so much for the wonderful note! I will be performing in NYC quite a bit in the near future, as we start rolling out the new music! Especially next year. Would love you to come to my concerts.

I have 2 CD's, "Mantra" & "Winning Hand" available at my store

I also have 6 other singles you can download on

You can also pre-order my new EP on Pledge:

I so appreciate your support! Thanks for buying all my music, & excited to see you at NYC concerts soon!


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