Sheri Miller

hi sherri your concert at the norwalk ct libruary was excullent you have a incredable voice ide like to add you to my friends list on facebook im edward michno ide like to share with you many stones songs i have on my beatles rolling stones and monkees group i run on facebook plus ide like you to see my facebook site edward michno you are awesome sincerely edward michno

Sheri Miller responded on 11/01/2016

Hi Edward,

Thank you! I appreciate you coming to the concert, and I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for the lovely words. I love to sing!

Sure, send me a link to your FB page.

Also, you may have already signed up, but is there a good email address for you to add to my list?

Hope to see you at the next concert! I may be returning to Norwalk in February!


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