Sheri Miller

Hi Sheri,

Thank you for the wonderful concert in Norwalk the other day.
I guess you were in a Beatles state of mind.
I was just in Philly for Father's Day and I saw Rain at the Academy.
I guess you must have figured out that I have ties with Long Island as well based on my screen name. My wife and I met me there in college. She was from Merrick and her mom lives in East Meadow now.My youngest son was accepted at UPENN but decided to go to BU instead because they offered us a better scholarship there. Please let me know when you will be playing in the city. I have three very good looking sons !

Jeffrey Katz

Sheri Miller responded on 06/29/2014

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for coming to the concert, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I think I told you I'm making a new record! Please don't forget to check out and support my new record campaign! I'm very excited about it! Here's the link to pledge:

Thanks so much and hope to see you at a concert soon!

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