Sheri Miller
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when is your new album coming out and what label if any

Sheri Miller responded on 01/23/2019

thank you for asking! the new EP/ record is coming out sooner than you think! expect singles out soon too. so excited and proud! currently meeting with labels :)


When will u be playing in the bay ridge area in a nice restaurant? I live in Bay Ridge and sometimes to difficult to travel to Manhattan.

Sheri Miller responded on 01/07/2019

Hi Angela,
Thanks for your question!

I will look into Brooklyn & Bay Ridge for more concerts! There will be concerts in NYC this year, would love you to come, if you can!

Thanks so much, appreciate it, and hope to see you at a concert one day!



Cheri, the link: Singer / Songwriter / Musician / Performer
It does not end in anything! Normal? not ready yet?

When will a concert in the city of NICE in FRANCE?

Sheri Miller responded on 05/21/2018

Hi Gerard,

Thanks for your note!

I'll keep you posted on my next concert in Nice, France!

Are you on the email list, so I can keep you posted?

Stay tuned for new music coming soon!

Thanks, and sending love!


saw you in Oceanside great show

Sheri Miller responded on 03/24/2018

Thank you!!! Appreciate ti coming! Are you on the email list here for future concerts?

Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel, .

Thanks so much!! Xo sm ?????✨


Hi Sheri! Which one of your songs is your favorite?

Sheri Miller responded on 02/11/2018

Hi Jonathan!

Great question! Thanks for asking.

I love all my songs, as they are all my children.

I’m really excited about the new songs we’re recording for the new record! They’re my most evolved, pure, passionate expressions yet.

Which of my songs are your favorites?

Much love & hope to meet you at one of my concerts soon!


Good Morning Sheri; if and when you perform again in nyc ny, please give me a shoutout;also are your music on cds; if so I would like to buy everything you have;Sincerly,Darryl

Sheri Miller responded on 09/24/2017

Hi Darryl,
thanks so much for the wonderful note! I will be performing in NYC quite a bit in the near future, as we start rolling out the new music! Especially next year. Would love you to come to my concerts.

I have 2 CD's, "Mantra" & "Winning Hand" available at my store

I also have 6 other singles you can download on

You can also pre-order my new EP on Pledge:

I so appreciate your support! Thanks for buying all my music, & excited to see you at NYC concerts soon!



great time at Syosset library. My mom and I enjoyed

Sheri Miller responded on 08/21/2017

Thank you, Glenn! Hope to see you at a concert soon!
Stay tuned for new music coming out soon! Xo


hi sherri your concert at the norwalk ct libruary was excullent you have a incredable voice ide like to add you to my friends list on facebook im edward michno ide like to share with you many stones songs i have on my beatles rolling stones and monkees group i run on facebook plus ide like you to see my facebook site edward michno you are awesome sincerely edward michno

Sheri Miller responded on 11/01/2016

Hi Edward,

Thank you! I appreciate you coming to the concert, and I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for the lovely words. I love to sing!

Sure, send me a link to your FB page.

Also, you may have already signed up, but is there a good email address for you to add to my list?

Hope to see you at the next concert! I may be returning to Norwalk in February!



Loved your performance at the Plainedge library today. You are super talented and what a wonderful personality to match. Please keep me on your mailing list! tHX,
Elizabeth Katz

Sheri Miller responded on 10/30/2016


Thank you so much for coming today! I really appreciate the kind words. It was wonderful meeting you, and a true pleasure to play for you!

I will definitely keep you on my email list, and would love to see you at a show soon! Excited to also share the new recordings with you!



Do you think you'll ever come to Indy for a concert?

Sheri Miller responded on 02/22/2016


Yes and yes! Absolutely. One day for sure. I really hope we do some US touring, after this EP/ record is done!
Where in Indy are you?